The Fourth Tenet of Catfuscianism

Cats are mysterious creatures. They sometimes behave in strange ways.

butcher cat

But that strangeness is a mere illusion. Everything your cat does will make sense once you discover the invisible structure underlying their every decision: the philosophy of Catfuscianism.

For example, in our home, any item that falls to the floor—dirty laundry, a reusable grocery bag, a sheet of paper—will be sat upon by one of the cats within half an hour of hitting the ground. I’m not longer puzzled by this habit, as I now understand Noche and Smidgen are simply honoring the wisdom of the Fourth Tenet of Catfuscianism, which is:

It is better to sit on something than to sit on nothing.


Keep this tenet in mind the next time you lay a sweater flat to dry.

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