The Fourth Tenet of Catfuscianism

Cats are mysterious creatures. They sometimes behave in strange ways. But that strangeness is a mere illusion. Everything your cat does will make sense once you discover the invisible structure underlying their every decision: the philosophy of Catfuscianism. For example, in our home, any item that falls to the floor—dirty laundry, a reusable grocery bag, … More The Fourth Tenet of Catfuscianism

Tenets of Catfuscianism

I have trouble comprehending a lot of things in this world. But what puzzles me most–what’s more difficult for me to understand than rocket science, or calculus, or someone with a really thick Cockney accent and a mouth full of peanut butter-and-honey sandwich—is human behavior. I’ve been doing some character sketches on my work-in-progress lately, … More Tenets of Catfuscianism